Commercial Access Control Systems in Chicago

Fully control access your employees and visitors have throughout your facility.

Do you have a number of employees that need access to different locations where you can't always be? Our remote control systems allow you to give temporary access to visitors and monitor employees or contractors. We can install everything from basic keycard systems to advanced fingerprint scanners.

The advantages of our modern access control systems.

  • Operate access points such as garage doors or parking gates.
  • Provide detailed access reports with multiple searchable criteria.
  • Integrate with alarm systems, CCTV/surveillance, and building environmental control systems.
  • Provide remote building control and status updates.
  • Ability to enforce time restrictions & schedule.
  • Eliminate lockset replacement when an employee leaves your organization.
  • Improve the level of security by eliminating user code sharing.
  • Increase control and/or restrict personnel and visitor traffic.
  • Track employee door entry, time and attendance.
  • Reduce shrinkage and false alarms.
  • Restrict access based on job function, time or location.
  • Protect valuable assets by restricting access to specified areas like stock rooms, offices, vaults and safes, computer closets and more.
  • Increase employee safety by limiting unauthorized use of equipment.